Mapping Windows SkyDrive

In the case where you have multiple folders with in SkyDrive, I recommend to move them all under My Documents to make the process hassle free or else you might need to map all the folders within your SkyDrive, to find your Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) download DumpUrls.exe

Open CMD and run DumpUrls.exe under the directory it resides include your user name which in this case is your email address and password for your Windows live Account.


Fig 1: Login to Window Live account to retrieve your WebDAV

What you are seeing the program retrieved for me my WebDAV, as the case above only one folder is in my account. Open the start menu other known as the windows orb, right click Computer and select Map Network Drive.


Fig 2: Map your windows drive folder

Select a Drive letter of your choice then select paste the link that DumpUrls.exe returned and click finish. Later windows will prompt for your use name and password where by you in put the email and password for your windows live account.


Fig 3: Mapped folder “Documents” from my Windows live account

The wise thing to do, hardware are tools and can be replaced, data is the most important things and for my case certificates, documents and precious those moments photos are critical never to loose, it is wise to encrypt sensitive data before uploading onto third party servers and keep the key on different removable hardware like a thumb drive, do back up your keys.

“Paranoia is a survival trait” and for that my data always resides and in sync in three different locations.

  1. local hard drive my PC, NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  2. Multiple online drives (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, 4shared)
  3. Removable hard drive

Thank you.

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