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Apart from all the tutorials written and explained about this advertising trend most of them hit behind the bush making the learning long and tedious, eventually new learners or potential new users looses hope.

This is due to the fact that most free tutorials have a hidden agenda and that is to control traffic flow to their site in these sites they have advertisement in them and by making the tutorial long it allows “a one day user” to be a regular user hence increasing traffic to their site, this is crucial in a sense that it increase the chances of either one or more of the learner to also have a second interest or get attracted to one or more of those advertisements, the site also seems to offer further tutorials in that particular site or another site, it seems you are legitimately being helped but in reality nothing is for free, those said free tutorials and further tutorials generate income per click for every time you try to access knowledge, hence you see why they have to keep you on a loop.

It is always wise to read from the original source.

AdSense for beginners, users need to have some knowledge of working with html tags, this is achievable by observation alone by using any web creator application or blog writer there is a section at the bottom that either says code or source this is the section where you paste the generated codes that pick advertisements from Google to your site or blog. There are certain keywords users need to familiarize but as for beginners just stick to generate, copy and paste.


Fig 1: Overview tab in the Home page

The Home tab shows your Estimated earning as of today to a month, Finalized earnings Google release the money based on two criteria one it must reach a certain minimum pay out which is 100$ and second based on a user preference,  mine I have set it on hold meaning I let Google hold for me till when I see fit to receive a cheque, Page views, Clicks, Page CTR this stands for page click through rate, CPC this stands for cost per click and Page RPM this stands for page revenue per thousands.

The My ads tab shows content new ad unit or import old add code this is where you generate the codes, custom channel is provided and it is very useful to custom the type of adds you intend to advertise on your site or blog for instance if your site is about computers that means a user is there for or have interest in computers hence you provide what the user seeks this increase the chances of them clicking on the adds, the same is for search bar code you customer the search feeds according to the content of your site or blog, feeds are nothing more than targeted Google adds.

The Allow & block ads shows what the user have as the name suggests allowed or blocked any ads, but as for beginners you don’t even have to bother on this.


Fig 2: Performance report based on the Page views and Estimated earnings

Google AdSense have improved on it’s services since the last time by incorporating new features, It has become easier than ever by allowing user to save generated code in their AdSense account and also provides performance report, this has personally helped me to keep track of every code I create, and most of those old codes are still in use and can be imported into my account.

You can achieve Traffic by having multiple blogs ranging from different subjects or criteria with contents that carry relevant information based on those criteria and blog settings, and If you are a web developer you can include some ads on your client website based on the agreement you might have with them, I prefer a search bar either on top or at the bottom of the page and if possible at least two to three relevant nice looking ads at the sides.


Fig 3: Google will frequently send Adwards vouchers and your cheque by mail

Example of Google AdSense Script:

<script type=”text/javascript”><!–
google_ad_client = “ca-pub-03525951********”;
/* alkathirikhalid1 */
google_ad_slot = “9187314211”;
google_ad_width = 728;
google_ad_height = 90;
<script type=”text/javascript”


Fig 4: An Ad generated by the above Google AdSense Script

I have partial omitted my Publisher ID above for privacy reasons because any code you generate has a Publisher ID this means you can put your code use and reuse it in more than one given site or blog, hence forth generating income for you. Above is one of my pictorial examples, not a working advertisement because you are responsible and accountable for the use of your codes, protecting them prevents misuse, for more information I suggest you go directly to the source in order to stay up to date. The steps I would lend on how to improve your income are

  1. Traffic: This is achieved by campaigning about your sites and blogs to customers, you can start slow by reaching out to them, advertise through social medias such as twitter, Facebook, Google+ the more people know about your site and blogs the more likely chance of one or more of them visiting, increasing traffic to your sites or blogs increases the chances of users being attracted to the adds, all it takes is just a click to get paid, under no circumstances should a AdSense account holder be randomly clicking their contents or ask their friends to do so, Google can easily detect based  on cookies, IP address, user trends. “Once earnings are verified, they are posted to your Payments page, which reflects your finalized earnings, including all revenue owed to you for valid activity. Revenue from invalid clicks or impressions is refunded back to the affected advertisers.”
  2. Content: It is easier to campaign and attract users to your sites and blogs but this isn’t enough, the content should be up to date to not only attract but also keep them coming, your content must also be relevant to what your sites and blogs are about since this is the thing that caught the users attention on the first place, edit your title, data or content and metadata to also allow your sites and blogs to be easily recognized by spider search engines, categorized and delivered to users while searching. If you are running a static web site or blog hence the information is always fixed, I suggest to custom your ads, users tend to neglect ads that they are familiar with, also the ads are more attractive in nature when they are kept less on a site or blog per page and pictorial ads are more appealing and can blend well with your site or blog based on your ads customization.
  3. Multiple sites or blogs: It is not sufficient to generate a substantial income based on one site or blog alone, especially if you are a blogger since blogging services get direct commission from Google through you, hence you end up getting 40%-60% of your ads income depending on the blog service terms and conditions.
  4. Submit content: Submit your site and site information to search engines specifically Google search this will allow your site or blog to be easily found from search engines.
  5. Adwords: This is strictly for business campaigning, you pay Google to show your site based on your contents, beginners stick to diverting traffic to your site or blog, set relevant titles, data or contents and metadata, refresh contents or customize ads by keeping the ads attractive and relevant to users needs, choose pictorial ads over textual ads, open multiple sites or blogs use and reuse your ad codes.

Once you have observed the main four points I have provided it is sufficient to allow and set your blogs and sites to some extent of automation, generating income even while you sleep.

Thank you.

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