Portable Development Environment

I have always wanted to carry only the essentially needed applications and software tools, something light enough that would allow me to continue to work on any other computer apart from mine, taking into consideration operating systems, storage capacity and speed which is the data read/write transfer rate and the computer resources specifications.

I carried out some experiments to see how far a 4 Gb pen drive can go, and the software tools I used were:-

  1. Android SDK android-sdk_r18-windows.zip to build android apps on the go
  2. Eclipse eclipse-jee-indigo-SR2-win32.zip to facilitate android apps development
  3. JDK jdk-7u4 a backup location in case a local JDK is not up to date
  4. TCP View TCPView V3.05 to free and release local ports to be use by pen drive applications specifically Apache and MySql
  5. XAMPP XAMPP USB Lite 1.7.7 comes with Apache server and Mysql database for web application development and testing


Fig 1: Pen drive with the portable applications

Mobile application development

Android portable development under Linux and windows experience, the experience proved to be slow due to the fact that I am using a USB 2.0 pen drive as opposed to USB 3.0, which has a lower data read/write transfer rate than USB 3.0 either way it proved to not be efficient but effective enough to build small applications on the go such as seen below I manage to develop an xylophone application.


Fig 2: xylophone application


Fig 3: xylophone application


Fig 4: xylophone application


Fig 5: xylophone application


Fig 6: xylophone application


Fig 7: xylophone application

Web Application development

The experience proved to be highly fruit full, as seen below both Apache and MySql database are running. In htdocs, three website are open my site, my online store, my cart. These are all web applications.

  1. My site a skeletal structure of a static website, more like a template awaiting contents and rearrangement for finalization/personalization
  2. My online store, a free and open source store application that incorporates MySql database for storage of descripting of items and customer data
  3. My cart, a free and open source java script cart application with no database incorporated where payment is customizable via Google wallet or Pay pal


Fig 8: XAMPP control panel


Fig 9: My Site website template


Fig 10: Pay pal payment

I have been tackling a to do list, in preparation to accumulate specifically FOSS (free and open source software)  for the only most highly efficient and effective tools and techniques for rapid software development, that would only require a business to invest on services with minimum annual expenditure leaving room for more profit and offer competitive prices to customers.

The things I would recommend:-

  1. For portable development of highly aggressive IDEs that consume a lot of resources, try to not use a USB 2.0 since the data read/write transfer rate would be time consuming, in the timing being you can experiment on USB 3.0
  2. when installing local applications such as integrated development environments and servers try not to install them as window services hence there would be no need for port conflicts when switching to use portable applications on your pen drive


Thank You.

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