A Voice In My Hand

This is a speech disorder assistive technology that allows individuals with speech impairment to communicate with their Android Phone. Users with special needs can now communicate comfortably in public areas, make a verbal order, request or introducing themselves has been made easy.

It can be used as a communication aid, a learning tool to pronounce words or simply for entertainment purposes hence much more suitable for users with speech impairment, I have improved its code to handle some aspects such as:-

  • Made simple for individuals with low cognitive
  • Speech synthesizers voice data detection
  • Wider cleaner Screen View
  • Tactile feedback
  • User Settings

Any further customization can be made possible upon requests, I have also decided to pimp it with a website so it can drive traffic to my app, this is an experimental marketing tactic, all Google analytics are fully functional for the site and app to allow me to deduce my return on investments (ROI), feel free to visit and download the App at www.avoiceinmyhand.com

alkathirikhalid Fig 1: Main Screenalkathirikhalid

Fig 2: Settings ScreenalkathirikhalidFig 3: Main Screen Landscape Mode

It’s been a month now since I built and launched both “A Voice In My Hand” Site and an Android App, it’s time to analyze the collective one month data from both the site and the android mobile app, for best practice it is wise to provide a Privacy Policy for your users both when visiting the site or downloading the App, mine can be found at http://avoiceinmyhand.com/privacypolicy/

Another pointer to add is that some companies or organization will have Privacy Policy for each App or Site or in short multiple Privacy Policy that address multiple applications which in turn leads to 20 plus Pages of Privacy Policy and in turn appears longer, confusing and a lot of users would not bother reading or for some paranoid user would not bother with your product especially if your company is not a Big time company.

The latest approach is to write a general Privacy Policy but it would not hurt to consult a lawyer, the one Privacy Policy is to address all the products and services in general within your company in one Privacy Policy document with precision and direct intent of your company intentions to acquire any data from users through any of it’s products or service. Making it simple would allow more legitimate users to scan or even read through and gain more trust in your company’s products and services.


Fig 4: Privacy Policy Page

Now I can deduce the data collected from both the site and the android app, some of the data from the screen will be blanked out for security reasons. Analytics allows an Account holder to have multiple Accounts and within each Account a User can have multiple Properties such as web sites and mobile applications, as seen below I have named my properties in a manner that is easy to distinguish between them by adding “Site” and “App” at the end of each property name, this is my naming convention for each project.


Fig 5: Mobile Analytics

Launched Site date 25th September 2013 to supplement traffic to my app, as seen below the App has had a shoot in the number of downloads all thanks to the creation of the site which directs users to my app, as seen in the image below. This proves to an extend it is crucial to have a site to direct traffic to your app or vice verses.


Fig 6: A rise in the number of downloads

The number of visits to the site is 126 with in the month as seen below coming form a number of sources such as direct, word press, Google search, face book and Google+. This does not necessary reflect the number of downloads of your app as user can also access your app through other means such as with in Google Play, other third party sites that offer reviews and links to Google Play itself. Just remember the site just directs but the actual download takes play at Google Play.


Fig 7: Site visits and sources

These same information can be accessed via mobile device, which provide the same data but in a compact and presentable means not to mention convenient right from your pocket, as seen below:-


Fig 8: Total Site Visits and Location


Fig 9: Total Site visits and sources


Fig 10: Page views and average engagement/visit duration


Fig 11: Traffic sources based on Country


Fig 12: Network Provider

alkathirikhalid  Fig 13: Number of pages and visits per page at the site


Fig 14: Social traffic Acquisition

alkathirikhalidFig 15: Much more data

Lets deduce the App Data collected within the one month durations since both the Site and App has analytics, it allows us to be in the position to separate the two for more precise data, as seen the number of visitors was 126 but only 94 installations are recorded this could be due to that fact that some users phone might not be running Android or the Android Version is not supported, as the App “A Voice In My Hand” only support Android 4.0 and above:-

alkathirikhalidFig 16: Number of Active Users

The engagement information is quite useful since it allows us some insight as to when exactly are our users using our apps, this insight might allow us to determine the purpose in my case the App is used for entertainment especially during holidays such as weekends (Sundays) this points to social gathering or relaxing event, there is a portion slot on Monday but this is false Positive as Sunday still continues on other Countries and hence shown as Monday due to the time variation, there is a section on Thursday this could be due to the fact some Muslim Countries holidays or weekends are set as Thursday and Friday, this data will allow me to know when to launch for maximum engagement.

alkathirikhalidFig 17: Screen Views and Engagement/behavior pattern

Location data is also useful as it would determine whether or not to support other languages and set localization for your app as the statistics point Spanish language would be a great start for maximum audience.

alkathirikhalidFig 18: Audience Location and Sessions

Device type also is useful to determine the test environments for your app or anything else you could think of that Device information can be useful, the 4th last device “Sony Ericsson E10i Xperia X10 Mini” if you notice any device which for instance in this the mini X10 which only can run up to Android 2.1 but our App is Android 4.0, this is a rooted device running on a custom rom, hence if in future as a developer you notice some crushes you can opt to not support such a device as the out come is hardly predictable.

alkathirikhalidFig 19: Mobile Device used

Engagement per screen, this data is very useful as in the case some apps have critical data or settings that rarely any user access it the developer might change the layout to make the data more easily navigable, if you compare “Settings” data it is quite low as opposed to the number of views in the “MainActivity” main app, this is because settings are usually set just once and there is actually no need for the user to go to settings every time they open the application.

alkathirikhalidFig 20: Number of Screens and Views of the App per Screen  

The Developer console provides more useful information to developers such as whether there were any crashes encountered, as seen below no crash encountered with my app with any device.


Fig 21: Developer Console, No Crashes

Further more recommendation are provided by the Developer Console in my case to design the app for tablets and offer translation to other languages such as German, Spanish and Russian.

alkathirikhalid    Fig 22: Developer Console providing Tips

I have had a total of 1,870 downloads to date, once you attain a download of above 1000, you as a developer will be receiving a lot of emails invitations from other sites such as

For those who are interested in publishing apps with Opera you can go through the link and also check out the User Agreement

Not to mention you will also be receiving a lot of spam if you provided your email address, spam such as someone trying to sell you a service or product in the name of improving your app or simply boast or claim they have helped a lot of people and they would like to help you blah blah. If only they understood the power of precise and brief information wins the day.

Due to providing a Site for my App I have accumulated not only more downloads and directed traffic but also raised my credibility as a Software Engineer, due to the fact that my email and name is available for individuals not only on my Personal site but also on “A Voice In My Hand” site and due to this I personally get contacted for freelance job which ranges from:- Ecommerce Systems, Web Sites, Search Engine Optimization, Android App development, Consultation and Training.


Thank You.

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