Certificate verification System Service, a web app for managing certificate issuing institutions.


Institutions, Organizations, Employers and even Individuals, can now verify a certificate authenticity coming from the intended institution to the intended candidate, hence preventing forgery, duplication and even outdated certificates.

If you provide certification to any courses or training provided by your company or institution then you are at the right place to preventing forgery, duplication and even outdated certificates in circulation.

The system can also be used to simply offer e-certificates and save on paper.


CVSS bridge the gap between employee and employer who needs to verify a certificate by allowing institutions to provide minimum information (Candidate First.Last name, certificate id, description and date issued) of a certificate.

Traditionally Employer might call an institute directly but there are barriers such as :

  • Weekends

  • Public holidays

  • Different language

  • Time zone

  • E.t.c.

CVSS is here to serve all who:

  • Have no website

  • Rarely update their web sites

  • Have no IT background / person

  • Provide e-certificates

  • Save cost on printing ink and paper

  • C.V.S.S. is environmentally friendly

Verification Procedure

Verifying institutes and certificates provider by means such as:

  • Registered institution

  • Domain name @institute.edu / @institute.org / @institute.com / @institute.*

  • Gazette history

  • Reputation,

  • Address / location

  • Call

  • Walk in

  • e.t.c.

Admin Flow


Allows admins to signup or sign in to CVSS


Fig 1: Member Section


Allows admins to provide their username, company email and password for account login, a confirmation code will be send to the email provided for verification.


Fig 2: Sign up

Account Activation

Upon signup admin will receive a confirmation code to activate the account. Copy and Paste the code or click the code link to activate your account from the email you received.


Fig 3: Account Activation

Sign In

Admin provide their username and password to access C.V.S.S.


Fig 4: Sign in


Provides admin with information such as last login and last logout time stamps.


Fig 5: Manager Section: Dashboard


Provides admin with information such as account type, dated joined, status e.t.c.


Provides admin with first time option to set up their institution name and location this information is fixed and can not be changed by Admin.


Provides admin with the ability to add the certificates into their institute with the option of either Attended / Complete / Pass remarks on the certificate.


Fig 6: Manager Section: Certificate

All Certificates

Provides admin with a list of all available certificates in their account with the ability to directly edit on any of the certificate ID, Name, Description and Date and also ability to delete a certificate.


Fig 7: Manager Section: All Certificates


Provides admin with the ability to add more certificate volume into their account, the basic free tire is 100 certificates per account per institution.


Fig 8: Manager Section: Upgrade

  1. Free Account Max 100 Certificates | 0$ Monthly Subscription
  2. Copper Account Max 200 Certificates | 2$ Monthly Subscription
  3. Bronze Account Max 300 Certificates | 3$ Monthly Subscription
  4. Silver Account Max 400 Certificates | 4$ Monthly Subscription
  5. Gold Account Max 500 Certificates | 5$ Monthly Subscription

Need more? contact us: cs@cvss.online

Current subscription price is at reduce price specifically for beta users .

User Flow


The welcoming page allows a visitor to select the Institution they want to assert the certificate is from.


Fig 1: Selecting an Institute


The second screen allows the visitor to input the certificate ID to search for instance 1000101.


Fig 2: Searching for a Certificate


The visitor is present with the certificate information as per the certificate ID


Fig 3: Certificate Confirmation

API Access

The e-certificates can be distributed directly to candidates or added to websites. We will demonstrate base on the test link below:

Get method

Using calling method to the web container to get access of information

  • search?certificateid={certificateid}&institution={institution}

  • search?institution={institution}&certificateid={certificateid}


Using links to be added to web sites or sent via emails


Using clickable badges / images to be added to web sites or sent via email

View Certificatecertificate.jpg

Contact Us

We are looking for institutions to offer the free tire and free consultations, no charges at all, drop us an email at cs@cvss.online

Let us know how we might help you.


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