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Observer and Observable

Using JAVA Implementation Message Board (Observable) package com.alkathirikhalid.demo; import java.util.Observable; /**  * <p>  * Message Board as Observable.</p>  * <p>  * It can be observed for new message changes, it can also have one or more  * observers, when an … Continue reading

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DZ09 Smart Watch

So I was searching for an affordable smart watch with the below criteria’s: China Made Affordable Programmable Experimental After like 2 weeks of research and going through reviews I was left with 2 choices: DZ09 DM98 DZ09 Affordable Running on … Continue reading

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Certificate verification System Service, a web app for managing certificate issuing institutions. Introduction Institutions, Organizations, Employers and even Individuals, can now verify a certificate authenticity coming from the intended institution to the intended candidate, hence preventing forgery, duplication and even … Continue reading

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Enhanced your Desktop, make it Organized and with functionality built in

So I decided to improve and manage better my desktop as I was getting tired of folders, files and short cuts just lying on the desktop, which was turning out to be unorganized and annoying to my eyes. Fig 1: … Continue reading

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A Voice In My Hand

This is a speech disorder assistive technology that allows individuals with speech impairment to communicate with their Android Phone. Users with special needs can now communicate comfortably in public areas, make a verbal order, request or introducing themselves has been … Continue reading

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Root, Unlock Boot loader, Flash Custom ROM Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and Over Clock a Sony Ericsson xperia X10 mini Éclair 2.1

This is to demonstrate on how to get more from your old Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini, I was somewhat locked down on the amount of things I can do with my old phone since it was running on Android … Continue reading

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My Guestbook App

I am going to build a bottom up guestbook application to store all my guest list for an up coming event, host it in a local network for all the local machines to have access to the application. The steps … Continue reading

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