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My Guestbook App

I am going to build a bottom up guestbook application to store all my guest list for an up coming event, host it in a local network for all the local machines to have access to the application. The steps … Continue reading

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Simple Cart

Simple cart is an open source java script cart application that exclusively work on the client side which then connects to a payment gateway like PayPal or Google wallet depending on the developers choice, yes ecommerce in minutes! “No databases, … Continue reading

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QR Code

I am planning to have my contact card embedded with a Quick Response Code for easy access for the geeks out there who can’t do without their mobile phones, as I venture in to QR Code one of the best, … Continue reading

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Portable Development Environment

I have always wanted to carry only the essentially needed applications and software tools, something light enough that would allow me to continue to work on any other computer apart from mine, taking into consideration operating systems, storage capacity and … Continue reading

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Password Retriever

Make your own application to retrieve passwords from your system, If you are like me I have different passwords for everything, categorized according to sensitivity and level, hence I usually have to mentally generate a 4-16 character password by using … Continue reading

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Since I had the interest of building my own NAS (Network Attached Storage) for personal use I ventured into something along the easy to install and carry that said platform on a pen drive leaving the rest of the hardware … Continue reading

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Android Market

There is a great market potential for Apps developers in Android market but the down side is that not all the countries are supported merchants yet, hence merchants in a given region have the freedom and flexibility to publish and … Continue reading

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